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Jake Munroe – jake.munroe@ontario.ca


The objective of the project is to determine methods to maximize benefits from a cereal rye cover crop. More specifically, the project will evaluate BMPs such as rye seeding date and spring termination timing and their effects on nutrient uptake, weed abundance, erosion reduction, soil organic matter and cash crop yield.


This project will evaluate the effects of cereal rye cover crop management on cash crop yield, nutrient uptake, weed abundance, erosion reduction and soil organic matter contribution. It is the first known Ontario study to evaluate a roller crimper as a tool to mechanically terminate cereal rye in a field crop production setting. The project will be comprised of a series of on-farm trials throughout the Heartland and Eastern Valley SCIA regions. The trial design in all cases will be replicated, randomized field-length strips. Across all sites, the study will evaluate cereal rye grown prior to either soybeans or edible beans.

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