With timely winter wheat harvests and excellent late season growing conditions over the last few years, there has been more interest in growing soybeans as a double crop. A small group of producers are currently planting double crop soybeans after a variety of crops including winter cereals, processing peas and hay, but the practice is not widespread. There has been limited research conducted in Ontario to determine best management practices for double crop soybeans. Dry conditions during mid-summer seeding can be a challenge for germination but the biggest challenge with the ultra-short season cropping system, like double crop soybeans, is maturing the crop. This ultra-short growing season, often <90 days combined with the risk of an early fall frost, poses a unique set of management challenges.

This project was initiated to help develop best management practices for double cropping soybeans in Ontario.

Read the entire report here: Double Cropping Soybeans in Ontario