Site Summary

Farm Type: Cash crop

Crop: Corn, soybeans, winter wheat

Landscape: Rolling

Soil Type: Clay loam till

BMP treatment: Contoured tile drainage vs no contoured tile drainage

Monitoring: Surface and subsurface runoff

At the Huronview Demonstration Farm, Huron County, the Huron County Soil and Crop Improvement Association and the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority have collaborated with the drainage industry to evaluate innovations in tile drainage. An innovative drainage project with contour drainage, control gates, wetlands, and terraces were installed starting in March 2019, culminating in a drainage demonstration day with over 300 people on June 19, 2019. Crop yields, soil health and water quantity and quality monitoring at the site follows a before, after, control, impact design. Ongoing knowledge technology transfer includes: A website, signs, trade magazine articles, conferences, peer-to-peer events, and more.

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