Site Summary

Farm Type: Cash crop

Crop: Corn, soybeans, winter wheat

Landscape: Gently undulating

Soil Type: Clay loam till

BMP treatment: Cover crop and manure organic amendments

Monitoring: Surface and tile runoff

The Garvey-Glenn Edge-of-Field site is located on a tile outlet and overland flow location within a 183-acre field. The tile outlet drains approximately 22.5 acres and the overland flow catchment area is approximately 31.9 acres. A section of tile outlet was removed and replaced with a “tile” flume. Alternatively, an “overland” flume was placed in a low-draw and wingwalls were constructed to direct flow through the flume. There is a suite of data being collected at the site including water quantity/quality, meteorological and soil data. Two automatic water samplers collect event and base flow water samples year-round.

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Soil Resource Group Soil Health Sampling through ONFARM

Initial In-Season Evaluations

Soil Core Sampling