Some nutrient deficiencies are easily identifiable because of their distinct symptomology. For instance potassium (K) deficiency leaf symptoms are very distinct from manganese (Mn) deficiency. See picture #1 and #2. A micro nutrient deficiency such as Mn can be corrected through foliar feeding with the expectation of a significant yield response. However, is it possible that the plant is suffering from a lack of nutrients in the absence of obvious visual symptoms during certain times of the growing season? For instance dry conditions during August may inhibit nutrient uptake or nitrogen fixation just at the very time the plant needs the most nutrients. This project tested various foliar feeding products as well as Priaxor foliar fungicide to assess if these products, including in-season nitrogen application could significantly increase soybean yields. These trials were set up in fields with no obvious visual nutrient deficiencies and adequate soil test values. Fields were well nodulated.

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