In efforts to reduce the weather sensitivity and workload associated with nitrogen applications in corn, there has been a movement towards applying UAN on the soil surface with field sprayers. While efficiency gains may be realized, tradeoffs with this approach is that surface applied UAN is susceptible to nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization, and that surface applications made in standing corn may lead to yield loss through leaf burn. This project has been developed to investigate three key issues associated with the adoption of surface UAN application methods in corn, and aims to:

  1. identify the relative ammonia loss and yield impacts for applying UAN on the soil
    surface versus a more “protected” soil injection system
  2. identify differences in ammonia loss for surface applications made with different
    nozzle types
  3. identify the yield impact associated with crop injury brought on by surface
    applications of UAN made into standing corn

Read the entire report here: Losses and Logistics of Alternative Corn N Application Methods