With increases in canola yields over time, many producers are considering the economics of higher nitrogen rates given the high price for canola and increased cost of nitrogen. To validate whether the current OMAFRA recommended nitrogen rate of 100-110 lb. N/ac at today’s canola and nitrogen prices is high enough, trials were conducted in 2012 to evaluate the response of canola to higher nitrogen rates. At the same time, while past trials have clearly indicated the need for sulphur fertilization of canola, the correct rate of sulphur required has not been tested in Ontario. In 2012, the Ontario Canola Growers Association (OCGA) sponsored field trials which evaluated three nitrogen rates (80, 120, & 160 lb. N/ac) and 4 rates of sulphur (0, 10, 20 & 40 lb. S/ac).

Read the entire report here: Validating Nitrogen and Sulphur Rates in Canola