The purpose of this tour and demonstration plot was to inform growers on the importance of soil health and soil conservation through the use of contour strip tillage, cover crops, and minimal tillage systems. There appears to be a reduction in conservation tillage and residue cover across much of the province. Soil health and soil conservation are areas of concern for local growers especially with the increased amount of primary tillage in the county. New GPS guided strip tillage may be a technique that can boost conservation tillage adoption in corn. Strip tillage is a form of conservation tillage that combines the soil drying and warming benefits of conservation tillage with the soil protecting advantages of no-till by disturbing only the seed row area. Auto steer systems have increased adoption in recent years. Advances in technology may now make it possible to make the strips along the natural contours of the field with RTK guidance. This would significantly reduce erosion compared to conventional tillage or using strip tillage in straight lines across an undulating field. This demonstration project viewed innovative approaches to promote soil conservation through strip tillage and cover crops within an integrated cropping system.

Read the entire report here: Wellington SCIA Strip Tillage Education Tour