In Ontario snow melt and early spring rains have demonstrated the potential to contribute significantly towards total annual erosion and phosphorous runoff. Often soil movement is greatest in areas where water flow is concentrated. Hence the reason for promoting permanently grassed waterways. Grassed waterways are often viewed as being troublesome in terms of most field operations and maintenance of the waterway itself. In attempts to reduce erosion risks, this project will investigate the use of compost-filled filter socks for their ability to slow and filter surface water in zones of concentrated flow within annual crop fields during the erosion susceptible non-crop growing months (ie. spring runoff). In conjunction with erosion control, we will also assess the practicality of using compost-filled filter socks for erosion protection based on their ease of transport to and within fields, ease of effective positioning within erosion sensitive zones, ability to filter or slow surface water, and ease of removal or reuse if possible.

Read the entire report here: Reducing Soil Erosion in Areas of Concentrated Flow