Site icons 1-25 with a green background are soil health trial BMP sites. Site icons 1-8 with a blue background are edge-of-field (EOF) monitoring sites, partnered with a conservation authority to also conduct water quality monitoring and modeling. EOF sites 2 & 3 and 6 & 7 are very close together and the map must be zoomed in to see the different sites. To easily see a list of all sites, click “List View” above the map. Click on each site to learn more about the project, soil health goals, BMPs, photos, and more. Check back regularly for project updates including photos and links to media and reports.

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Soil Health BMPLambtonField Crops
Soil Health BMPKentProcessing Vegetables
Soil Health BMPElginField Crops
Soil Health BMPMiddlesexPoultry (Layer)
Soil Health BMPKentField Crops
Soil Health BMPOxfordDairy
Soil Health BMPHaldimandField Crops
Soil Health BMPNiagaraField Crops
Soil Health BMPHaldimandField Crops / Horticulture
Soil Health BMPNorfolkField Crops
Soil Health BMPBruceField Crops
Soil Health BMPWellingtonField Crops
Soil Health BMPWellingtonOrganic / Hogs
Soil Health BMPPerthDairy
Soil Health BMPBruceBeef
Soil Health BMPDurhamBeef
Soil Health BMPNorthumberlandField Crops
Soil Health BMPDurhamField Crops
Soil Health BMPSimcoeField Crops / Dairy
Soil Health BMPPeterboroughField Crops
Soil Health BMPRenfrewField Crops
Soil Health BMPGlengarryField Crops
Soil Health BMPPrescottDairy
Soil Health BMPOttawaHogs
Soil Health BMPDundasField Crops
Edge-of-FieldEssexField Crops
Edge-of-FieldElginField Crops
Edge-of-FieldElginField Crops
Edge-of-FieldMiddlesexField Crops / Poultry
Edge-of-FieldMiddlesexField Crops
Edge-of-FieldHuronField Crops
Edge-of-FieldHuronField Crops
Edge-of-FieldHuronField Crops